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Monday, May 23, 2005

A deal is reached

Not sure how I feel about the deal yet, as I don't have the specifics. ThoughI feel that the Democrats looks a bit weak letting through some of the nominees that they have villified for the past couple of years--that being said, the battle might be lost, but the war (Supreme Court) is coming and the Democrats were able to save their right to filibuster.
Reaction is different across the blogosphere.

Powerline isn't happy: "What a hideous deal!" He notes that Democrats wouldn't have compromised if they'd had the votes. Would Republicans have compromised if they'd had the votes??? I don't think anyone will know for sure.

Environmental Republican thinks its the Dem's loss. I think more Democrats agree with him than Republicans.
Already conseratives are out for John McCains blood on this one. They always like to note that when someone leaves the Democratic party, how cannibalistic the Dem's are. The Republicans do the same thing, and he hasn't even left...he just 'sold out'.

More conservatives who are angry here.

My thoughts are that in a DEEPLY divided Senate (and country) some Senators were sane enough to work out a compromise....whatever the outcome, my hats off to them. That opinion will not change even if I read the compromise and am not happy.
If the big loser is Frist, then I will be happy.


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