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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Where is that veto going to go?

A great post from Ragged Thots on the President's first veto. He is threatening to veto the transportation bill because it is approximately $12 or $14 million over what he said it should be (NOW he's worried about pocket change like that?) Meanwhile, he also threatening to veto the bipartisan stem cell bill that just passed the House of Representatives.

UPDATE: E-MAIL OF THE DAY (with apologies to Andrew Sullivan):

"Option A) A universally popular, entrepreneurial spirited, 21st Century new-economy job growing, Stock Market loving, U.S. House of Rep.-approved STEM CELL RESEARCH BILL

Option B) A limitedly popular, pork loaded, big government, 20th Century
old-economy jobs growing, Stock Market apathetic, U.S. House of Rep.-approved

What is a "compassionate conservative" to do? There can be only one "first" veto. Hmmmmmmmmm..."


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