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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You know those annoying couples who finish each other sentences? Yeah, I do too.

As much as I love Andrew Sullivan, and I truly do respect his point of view and read him daily, I was literally just about the post about this. Its all just a bit too hysterical, a bit too obsessive and a bit too conspiratorial.

So then, I went to Balloon Juice just to see if my buddy John Cole had any new posts up, and luckily he does, and of course, he says it better than I could.

A few days ago (January 10th), I sent Andrew an email that said this:


I love ya...but you are going a bit off the deep end here. First the "
buddy system" and now Anne Rice calling her "Hillary" is sexist? Obama and Edwards did gang up on her a bit and rather than say gang up, she used 'buddy system". What is HILLARY supposed to say? The "non-gender specific tag-team?" Hillary has always been known as "Hillary" and not simply Clinton or Senator Clinton. She causes some of the same feelings in me, though not as viscerally, as she does in you and I also find myself hoping along with Obama. I'm not particulary hoping for her to be the nominee. But c'mon man! Lets not look too deep.

Andrew, please, just go under self-imposed, cold-turkey Hillary avoidance for a day or two. It would do you some good.


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