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Monday, January 07, 2008

New & Improved for 2008

Well, I'm going to be blogging more in upcoming months as the election heats up and I have more to say. 2008 will definitely contain more blogging than 2007 because God knows we need another opinion out there in the blogosphere. I have never let up on my pace of reading blogs, just in commenting. Some quick hits with more to come...

Obama: I like you, heck, I actually believe you. More of the same please.

Edwards: I always liked you and believed in your passion. If the best they can come up with is your hair is expertly coiffed and you made millions by working your butt off, I'd call that pretty damn good.

Clinton: Don't make me vote for her. I will, but I don't want to.

Richardson: Time to drop out buddy.

Biden/Dodd: Keep talking guys...intelligent people are listenting to the only two out there who aren't afraid to say and do what needs to be said and done.

Romney: Fake, liar, poseur and whatever other word you can conjure up that means absolutely "no principles". C'mon, it must get better than this right?

Huckabee: You reap what you sow, Republicans. Every anti-gay, values voters, etc...speech of the last 8 years finally REALLY mobilized all those envangelicals. Now you actually have to deal with them.

McCain: Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Despite the past eight years, I still have a modicum of respect for you. The only Republican who I would even consider, albeit remotely.

Guiliani: Such a scary thought. Anyone ever watch the Family Guy where Lois runs for mayor? That's what this commercial is. Pathetic.

Ron Paul: Actual principles. I might not believe in them, but probably the most principled guy in the entire race, on either side. If people stopped micharacterizing his positions, we might actually be able to intelligently debate the issues he brings to the table.

**1/8/07 Update**: Ouch. This hurts. While I find Paul principled, and stated that I don't agree with many of the things he believes, this story will hurt him immensely. I think his apology/statement makes sense, but then again, not knowing how these 'newletters' work, I'm somewhat at a loss. It certainly doesn't jive with his libertarian principles that he has campaigned on admirably and in the face of accusations that didn't have merit but could also have hurt him (9/11 truthers, etc). If your name is on something, you have a responsibility for what that something says -- I live this everyday in the consulting field. At the very, very least, it makes Paul look completely and utterly careless with his reputation. At worst, well...homophobic and bigoted. I think that is a stretch given his stand on things.

When someone disavows past positions, whether for political expediency, it is usually because they have a true and realistic chance at power. Ron Paul, whatever his historic and amazing fundraising and support levels are, can not believe this to be true, and could not have thought that at the beginning of his campaign before his support was mobilized as it is now. His message however, has been consistent. And he disavowed these writings back in 1999, before he was on any national radar. I'm prone to believe this is carelessness, but again, that still neither excuses it or speaks well to Paul's responsibility.

Thompson: Yawn. Do you even want it? I'm not sure. And quite frankly, I kind of trust you. But you are a good actor. Do I trust you or that guy from Hunt for Red October? That is what scares me.

Anyway, more to come.



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