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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Self-hating women unite

I really enjoy reading columns by so-called intelligent, different women who spend their time blasting and degrading other women...but this one takes the cake. Its called "The Girls on the View" and in this case, if you didn't already know, The View is representative of the entire female population, except, of course, the author of the column, Mary Grabar.

She starts off strong:

After watching The View and following the inane statements made on the program, I’ve come to the conclusion that it really is true what Aristotle, Saint Paul, and John Milton said: Women, without male guidance, are illogical, frivolous, and incapable of making any decisions beyond what to make for dinner.

I'm happy the author at least educated herself on the female gender appropriately before coming to this conclusion. I mean, the four women on The View are representative of the female population of the US, or the world for that matter, right? Just like the men on The Man Show are representative of men.

But it’s a sign of our crumbling civilization that a bunch of girls of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds, sitting around all dressed up for a coffee klatch, some of them with cleavage spilling out of Victoria’s Secret Infinity Edge Push-Up bras, spout off opinions borrowed from disturbed teenagers and Michael Moore, and call it a talk show.

We all know how much cleavage Rosie, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar sport on daily basis.

This was the danger of giving women the vote. The danger to conservatives (and the survival of this country) is the voting bloc of single women, i.e., those who lack the guidance of a man in the form of a husband or intellectual mentor.

There are so many things wrong in two sentences I don't know where to start. There is no "danger" in giving the citizens of a country the right to vote, its call democracy. The "danger" is when they don't agree with your warped opinions and therefore, shouldn't be voting, according to Ms. Grabar -- who we assume has some type of penile guidance in her life...thank God.

And God knows that single women, with no intellectual mentor with a penis, are the most dangerous. Forget their degrees, their homes (which trends show they are buying on their own in significantly greater number than single men), their education, their jobs, their LIVES, they have no male intellectual mentor.

These are women who pride themselves on being independent and empowered when they dress like prostitutes (look at the view of cleavage on the View!). These are the women who watch the View. These are the women who support Hillary Rodham Clinton.

My God, they support an intelligent, independant strong minded woman who has taken a heaping of abuse for most of her adult political life, survived and become one of the more powerful sentators in this country...what idiots.

Ever observe a table at a restaurant filled with women? Good Lord, it’s exhausting just watching the gesticulating and gabbing. Whenever I get invited to a “luncheon” I head for the hills.
Not that there is anything wrong with such gatherings and not that I have anything against other women. In fact I have a few female friends. But such squeal-a-thons (“I love what you’ve done to your hair!”) are not the proper places in which to make public political statements. When women have been the minority among men they have proven themselves to be quite competent. Look at Jeane Kirkpatrick, Margaret Thatcher, and Condoleezza Rice. Did any of these women attend any of these on-air chat fests?

Could there be a more trite and stereotypical paragraph ever written. I mean "I love what you've done to your hair"? Is this 1950? But not that Ms. Grabar has anything against women, per se, its just that they shouldn't be able to vote, unless by God they are voting conservative. They they are intelligent and "quite competent."

Men, on the other hand, are quite capable of holding forth intelligently among themselves, as commentators have done through the years. You don’t have men squealing “Oh, I love your tie!” as they set to embark on a discussion about the future of free world.

Yes, just look at all the intelligent men on the air today. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell. I mean, real intellectual heft there.

I admit I’m not a typical woman... At a party (party being the situation that many of the questions were about), I study people to determine if they’ve read Truth and Method before talking to them. They have to pass my test, but then I don’t let them go until they plead starvation and head for the hors d’oeuvres.

Sounds like a real hoot. My guess is that the author is unfamiliar with the concept of a "party" meant to be fun...not a trapping exercise for political commentary.

There is nothing worse than a women-hater, especially when the hater is a women herself. Ms. Prager, from a single, intelligent, educated, home-owning, LIBERAL ..., f*$k you.

The View is a tv show, not a microcosm of female society. I guess no more than "Nocturnal Emissions" and "The Daily Nut" are microcosms of male society...or are they?


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