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Monday, December 04, 2006

More Liberal Craziness

I know I should be focusing on things that, oh I don't know..John Bolton's resignation and the fact that neanderthals, our non-existent ancestors, were cannibals, but I just can't seem to get this picture out of my mind.

This, as I've said before, is an American citizen. Who, by all accounts, has behaved completely docile and non-violent, since his incarceration, over 3.5 years ago. Notice the riot gear, eye and ear shields to continue his complete sensory deprivation and manacled from soup to nuts. We don't treat violent offenders this harshly.

This is ILLEGAL imprisonment, or was so anyway. I don't say that lightly. For a substantial period of time, he was denied access to counsel and wasn't privy to any charges or evidence brought against him. He also has credibly alleged that he has been subjected to torture, forced administration of drugs, and other inhumane treatment.

His charges have come to light, and he is NOT, read again, NOT being charged in any way shape or form with conspiring to set off a 'dirty bomb'. In fact, his charges are so vague that a (Republican-appointed) judge has harshly criticized the administration by saying the case is 'light on facts'. Any conviction now will likely not result in life in prison for Padilla. In fact, the government will have a hard time making any case given Padilla's treatment and the admissability of evidence in trial.

How can anyone not be outraged by this? The complete and utter trampling of a fellow citizen's rights in the most blatant way possible. If he's guilty, it doesn't matter. He has still been treated with complete disregard for his Constitutionally-protected rights.

There are various reactions around the blogosphere, mostly on the left side. I actually searched Instapundit, that heralded libertarian, for "Padilla", not one hit. Sad, really.

Thank God we have Red State really getting down to the heart of the story. Forget Constitutional rights, forget that hokey notion of "innocent until proven guilty". I mean, this is a prized opportunity to blast (yet again) the real terrorists...the New York Times. I mean, stories about state sanctioned "torture" and "abuse" (mind you, NOT torture and abuse) is really just a cover-up to get you to forget 9/11. Isn't that obvious??!!

Just in case you forget...brush up on that "torture" and "abuse" of an Amercian citizen, by his government, here.


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