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Friday, February 10, 2006

News and Notes

The cartoon controversy continues. Go read Andrew Sullivan for some interesting reader emails and links to some interesting articles. Someone who's opinion I respect also opines (via Ezra), as a Muslim, and I'm not quite sure I agree with him, but I'm also not sure I don't.

Powerline continues its fall from 'informed commentary' to outright hackery.

Jonathan Last at the Daily Standard reports that the U.S. is "quietly" winning the drug war. According to Last:

The supply of all the major drugs is down, but at the same time, drug
interdiction is up. In 1989, 533,533 kilograms of the four major drugs were
seized by U.S. authorities. By 2005, the total had risen to 1.3 million
Moreover, since 2001 "teen drug use is off nearly 19 percent.
Which means that 700,000 fewer teens are using drugs today than just a few years

I wonder whether this progress would be as quiet if it were occurring under a Democratic administration.

Jeez, not everything is a MSM conspiracy against right wingers. People just don't give a flying crap about the drug war...even a lot of Republicans! Give us something besides a non-reported story to justify media bias...there's plenty out there.

Lastly, the Olympics start tonight. I get psyched about the Olympics in a really dorky way. Oh well....GO USA.


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