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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sometimes, its not a good idea to get out of bed

I read this story this morning with GREAT disbelief. I mean, is this where we are as a nation? Have we forsaken respect for science this much that we are willing to let a lobbyist and lawyer edit passages from scientific research?
Not only this, but we are about to let public schools teach 'intelligent design' in SCIENCE classes. We are telling our children (with tax payer money) that condems won't protect them during sex. We are diagnosing mentally incapacitated people based on video tapes from 5 years ago.

I have never seen an administration have such a disdain for the world of science. Such an utter disrespect and polarization for what science produces. I have never seen a time when science was under such attack. As a scientist, this is sad!

Science: 1 : the state of knowing : knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding

There are times when I question the blame I want to lay. I say, "am I being too partisan"? I say, "am I blaming Bush because I hate him so much"? But I'm sorry, I lay this rejection of science squarely at the feet of the Republicans. Science is not partisan. When you use science in a partisan way, you trivialize it and you marginalize it and you compartmentalize it. Science is for study, reflection and education. Ask yourself this...what has this administration done to educate anyone?



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