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Thursday, June 09, 2005

More on the memorial

Sadly no has a great piece on the memorial...ok well really, a piece tearing Michelle Malkin to pieces (via Crooks and Liars). I'm always happy to link to pieces like that.

As I said before, I think its a mistake to make the 9/11 memorial about anything but 9/11. No freedom center, no lessons taught. Just a solemn remembrance of the victims and the tragedy. That is message fact, just thinking about it is message enough.

I also took issue with Malkin (and other right wing bloggers out there) whose only criticism is that it is supposedly financed by left-wing 'radicals'. What, their money isn't green? That IS NOT reason enough to oppose the center. You make yourself look like an ass if your only complaint is that its George Soros' money.


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