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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Historic Day

Today is an historic day. We've once again seen the peaceful transition of power from one president to the next and the next just happens to be an African-American in a country where a generation ago, discrimination and 'separate but equal' was the law of the land. It truly is amazing.
I thought I'd post an email I recieved from a friend who is British and a doctor living in London:

i'm on night shifts and i watched the election. quite exciting. it was covered the whole way through.
obama is inspitarational. it is amazing. it showed everybody a different america. normally the rest of the world doesn't get to see the good qualities of ordinary americans, but i think this campaign will change all that. the energy of the campaign, as well as the victory, and the turnout showed the world that americans are brave, and bold, and full of energy and belief in change and a better future, a better wold. that the young, and the old and the african american vote, and former hardcore republicans as well as the majority of regular fair-minded democrats could mount this take-over is testament to a national faith and intelligence that the last eight years had cast into doubt. that barack hussein obama was chosen, despite public announcements that he was a socialist and a terrorist, makes this a transformative moment for America and therefore the world. well done you.

I had previously written to my friend that my hope was that at long last, our eight year national embarrassment would soon be over. And it is...who knows what is to come. But what I believe is that IF things can change, the best hope is Obama. Maybe things won't and it will be business as usual -- do nothing government that is out for interest groups and not the American people. If so, we'll have lost nothing. But the chance there is something better out there was too much to deny.

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