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Sunday, April 20, 2008

This made me want to post...

This is a wonderful, inspirational story that shows what a small group of people can do...they can make a difference. Or at least start to make one...

South African port and truck workers are refusing to move weapons from a ship that docked in the country on its way to Zimbabwe, union officials said Friday.

The move could add to pressure on South African President Thabo Mbeki to take a harder line on Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who is accused of withholding the results of an election his opposition says it won. Mbeki has argued that Mugabe is unlikely to respond to a confrontational approach.

..."How positive it is that ordinary dockers have refused to allow that boat to go further," Robinson said during a conference in Senegal on governance in Africa. "They as individuals have taken the responsibility. Because they believe it's not right."

One should note of course that China is the country supplying weapons to Zimbabwe...and also the country hosting this years summer Olympics. I don't agree with disrupting the Olympics, as atheletes have been training for this stage their whole lives and have no say in the host-country, but I also believe that protesting, without disruption, is appropriate. China shouldn't get a free pass -- the world's eye is on them, and the view isn't pretty.



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