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Friday, July 07, 2006

Tennis in all its glory

Just a quick post to say "WATCH WIMBLEDON" this weekend. We have perhaps two of the most intriguining finals to come down the pike in my lifetime.


Mauresmo v. Henin-Hardenne: rematch of the Australian where Mauresmo won her first grand slam trophy after Henin-Hardenne defaulted at 1-6, 0-2. In case anyone was wondering, she was getting crushed and Mauresmo was on track to finally put to bed her "choke" demons. Henin-Hardenne never gave her the chance and Mauresmo, now number 1 in the world, never got the exhaultation of the final point. The crowd will be HEAVILY behind Mauresmo.


Federer v. Nadal: Federer has lost only 4 times this year. All four times to Nadal, most recently in the French Open final where Federer again failed to complete the career grand slam.

My picks?

I want Mauresmo to crush Henin-Hardenne. I think this one is too close to call though.

I want Nadal to win just to give some life to men's tennis. But I'm picking Federer. He's just too tough and experienced on grass to the newbie Nadal, however much success he's had at Wimbledon this year.


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